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1975 280S in Bahrain

Low mileage 280S
This is my 1975 280S in Bahrain, kept in air conditioned storage for most of its life it has just 12,000 km from new. Absolutely zero rust and perfect interior. She drives like a new car.

1 Merc 280S 10 Merc 280S 11 Merc 280S_resize 5 Merc 280S 7 Merc 280S IMGP8301 IMGP8304
South African 116 get-to-gethers

ryan and grant_002
350 SEL 4-speed Manual

Pictures of my 350 SEL
Pictures of my 1978 350 SEL 4-speed Manual in pristine condition

Front_Interior Front_Right Front_View Instrument_panel Interior_Rear Rear_Door Side_view___right
Family outing 1983

Scan_027 Scan_028 Scan_029 Scan_030
350SE Pick-up and etc

Shots of 116.025's '78 350SE
Pictures from the trip to pick up my 350SE and some other pictures I shot of it later.

1 116and111 350Front BackQtr FuelLine HPIM0036 HPIM0037 HPIM0038 HPIM0039 HPIM0042 Reflections
S class / Ryan's 280SE adventures

Photos from some of the many W116 trips I've taken in South Africa in the last 10 years

500SEL_2006_Jul 280SE_2002_Oct_a 280SE_2004_Feb 280SE_1997_feb 280SE_1999_Oct 280SE_2005_Sep 280SE_2005_Oct 280SE_2002_Oct 280SE_2004_Aug
To London

100_2915 100_2916 100_2941 100_2943 100_2946
TJ 450's Outings

Recent pictures of my W116s.

Rear 1 Rear 2 Road 1 bogged mb450_1 mb450_2 mb450_3 mb450_4 mb_450_5 mb_450_6
My 1975 280S

Latest Pictures Of My Project

HPIM0730 HPIM0731 HPIM0732 HPIM0733 HPIM0734
My 350se

January Drive

just 35 pictures 029 just 35 pictures 032
January Drive > bowral

IMGP2749 (Medium) IMGP2750 (Medium)
January Drive > RaceCam

racecam (1) racecam (2) racecam (3) racecam (4) racecam
Maat's W116

JPF-542 (03) JPF-542 (04) JPF-542 (05) S7300039
Yesmar's daily driver

Ramsey's auto

022409_14561[1] IMG_5258 IMG_5260 IMG_5261 IMG_5263
South African MBCSA meeting 2007

a_001_W114_28apr07 a_002_W116_28apr07 a_003_W116_28apr07 a_004_W116_28apr07 a_005_W116_28apr07 a_006_W116_28apr07 a_007_W116_28apr07 a_008_W116_28apr07 a_009_W116_28apr07 a_011_W107_28apr07 a_012_W107_28apr07 a_013_W108_28apr07 a_014_W108_28apr07 a_015_W108_28apr07 a_016_W108_28apr07 a_017_W111_28apr07 a_018_W111_28apr07 a_019_W111_28apr07 a_020_W111_28apr07 a_021_W111_28apr07 b_house_001_27apr07 b_house_002_27apr07 b_house_003_27apr07 b_house_004_27apr07 b_mercedes_001_27apr07 b_mercedes_002_27apr07 b_mercedes_003_27apr07 b_mercedes_004_27apr07 b_mercedes_005_27apr07 b_mercedes_006_27apr07 b_mercedes_007_27apr07 b_mercedes_008_27apr07 b_mercedes_009_27apr07 b_mercedes_010_27apr07 b_mercedes_011_27apr07 b_mercedes_012_27apr07 b_mercedes_013_27apr07 b_mercedes_014_27apr07 b_other_001_27apr07 b_other_002_27apr07 b_yank_001_27apr07 b_yank_002_27apr07 b_yank_003_27apr07 b_yank_004_27apr07 b_yank_005_27apr07 b_yank_006_27apr07 b_yank_007_27apr07 b_yank_008_27apr07 b_yank_009_27apr07 c_001_W126_28apr07 c_002_W107_28apr07 c_003_W107_28apr07 c_004_W116_28apr07 c_005_W108_28apr07 c_006_Perana V8 Granada_28apr07 c_007_Perana V8 Granada_28apr07 c_009_Perana V8 Capri_28apr07 c_010_Perana V8 Capri_28apr07 c_011_Perana V8 Capri_28apr07 c_012_Perana V8 Capri_28apr07 c_014_Perana V8 Capri_28apr07 c_015_Perana V6 Capri_28apr07 c_016_Sierra XR8_28apr07 c_017_Sierra XR8_28apr07 c_018_Sierra XR8_28apr07 c_019_Alfa GTV3.0_28apr07 c_020_Alfa GTV3.0_28apr07 c_021_Mustang_28apr07 c_022_Ford 351_28apr07 c_023_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_024_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_025_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_026_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_027_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_028_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_029_W108 rebuild_28apr07 c_030_W108 rebuild_28apr07 members cars_000_Kings cars members cars_001_Kings cars members cars_002_Kings cars members cars_003_Kings cars members cars_004_Kings cars members cars_005_Kings cars members cars_006_Kings cars members cars_007_Kings cars members cars_008_s class members cars_009_s class members cars_010_group members cars_011_group members cars_012_group members cars_013_group members cars_014_group members cars_015_group members cars_016_group members cars_017_group members cars_018_W108 members cars_019_W109 members cars_020_W111 members cars_021_group members cars_022_group members cars_023_CL63AMG members cars_024_W112 members cars_025_group members cars_026_group members cars_027_group members cars_028_W116 members cars_029_group
280S Papirus Weiss

DSC01389 DSC01390 DSC01391 DSC01391 DSC01392 DSC01392 DSC01430 DSC01435 DSC01436 DSC01438 DSC01440 IMG_0935 IMG_0938 IMG_0940 IMG_0954
My 450SE

My 450SE

Image(153) MY 450SE Amman Jordan MY 450SE Amman Jordan MY 450SE Amman Jordan MY 450SE Amman Jordan Image(228) MY 450SE Amman Jordan MY 450SE Amman Jordan
Mrs White

Gavin116's Benz
1979 450SE classic white

19296 100mph 116MeetMarch2012 1 116MeetMarch2012 2 116MeetMarch2012 3 116MeetMarch2012 4 450SE 80mph 90mph A slightly cleaner engine bay AC controls Advert picture 14%22 Bundts Advert picture drivers seat Advert picture engine bay Advert picture front passangers seat Advert picture frontal view Advert picture left hand side front three quarter view Advert picture left hand side rear three quarter view Advert picture rear seat right hand side Advert picture rear view Advert picture right hand side front three quarter view Advert picture right hand side Amsterdam calling Amsterdam from the hotel rooftop Applying the rubbing strip Audio and Nav Audio and Nav Ballast resistors replaced Ballast resistors Ballast resistors Becker Grand Prix 1319 Becker Grand Prix 1319 Becker Speaker Covers Becker sat nav Becker speaker grills from outside Before dizzy Before left hand bank 2 Before left hand bank Before right hand bank 2 Before right hand bank Belgium beer is strong Binding with wind deflector Bon Voyage Brooklands Meet Brooklands Meet Brooklands tshirt Bumper overider left rear Bumper overider right rear Bumper Bumper CC amps Cafe 1886 Menu_Jan 2012 Checking delivery of fuel pump part 1 Checking delivery of fuel pump part 2 copy Chevrolet Constantia Cleaned centre Cleaned left hand bank 2 Cleaned left hand bank Cleaned right hand bank 2 Cleaned right hand bank Cleaned-up ashtray Cleaning the instrument cluster Connector at end of the blue wire Constantia side Coolant level sensor Coolant light Covered airflow meter Cruise Control Actuator re-mounted Cruise Control Actuator Culmination of the weekend Cup Holder Cup Holder Cup Holder Dashboard Data Card Data Sheet Date stamp on rear of veneer Delores and Mrs White at home Do these hole need to be closed off? Does this need to be screwed into place or rivited? Door Seals Door Seals Engine Bay Engine Bay Engine During Cleaning Engine before any cleaning Fanfare horns Fender Bulkhead Finished bumper Footprints after some cleaning Fuel Assembly new Fuel Distributor Fuel Pump Assembly Parts Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Fuel assembly old Fuel assembly Fuse Box Fusebox after cleaning Fusebox after some cleaning Fusebox insert Ghent Headlight Wipers Headlight Wipers Heatshrink insulated piggyback terminal Holden front Holden rear Holden IMG_1233 Idle adjust screw Ignition module Inside view Königs Speakers Leaky hose Manufactures speaker harness Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page 3 Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page 4 Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page 5 Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page 6 Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page 7 Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page1 Mercedes Benz Country Codes Page2 Mileage Mini Mk3 Mixture Preparation copy Mrs White and Susan Mrs White and the 600 front Mrs White and the 600 rear Mrs White leaving the Eurostar Mrs White My HT lead spark plug insulators My dizzy My first car! My instrument cluster Mystery %22blue%22 relay without fuse New CC amp plugged in New Fuse Legend New %22wiring loom%22 for rev counter New aircleaner gasket New bonnet liner and adhesive New bulbs New coil New coolant tank New front and side sunroof seals New left over-rider New radio in place New wheel bolts New windscreen washer lines Newly refurbed temperature sensor plug and insulation sheath Non-retracting seat belt Old deformed gasket One of the 1000 reasons why I love 116's so much Our sitting room Over-rider in place Overspray 2 Perished window seal Piggyback terminal with hot wire supply Radiator hoses Radio code sticker Radio factory power supply Radio line without inline fuse Re-glued ashtray Rear bumper attachement kit Rounded philips screw-head Rubber bung Rustinenginbay SLC Saggy seal, doesn't want to sit in channel properly Seat belt mounted Seat belt mounting points Seat belts and rear bench in place Serial number plate Sliverado and Mrs White Speed VS RPM Speedo System pressure The 'other' key The coil The engine bay with new battery The plug The right way up! The thingymajig Tool kit Tools for the job Tyre date stamp Tyre pressures Tyresure Upgraded fuses Veneer re-attached to ashtray Vin Number W116 org logo Warning Cluster Wiring Diagram Warning Lights Warning lights at night time Warning lights in day time Warning module Washer Fluid Level part1 Washer Fluid Level part2 Washer Fluid Level part3 Washer Fluid Level part4 Washer and coolant tanks Washer fluid level What is this relay? What was in my glove box Whatisthis Wheel bolt warning Wind deflector treated with Kurust Windscreen Washer Fluid Level Electrical Diagram black merc Germany front view black merc Germany rear view black merc Germany side view with our SL in the background how to sell a '72 350 leaving London Town new gasket in place photo rust in boot wheel well area sensor wires speedometer sunroofleft sunroofright tc temperature gauge what are these relays
Places in Romania

where w116 can be free
where we and the w116 can be free

280se in the woods 3 Waterfall 4 Waterfall barbeque Kids and 280se topview Kids and 280se Kids and lake Kids and lake2 Kids and me Me and girlfriend W116 and my byke