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000_0117 000_0118 French lights, no extras.. The only visible rust damage out and around.. Tacho and 5-gear The only real rust damage that could be found. 07-09-25_15-42 (Large) 07-09-25_15-43 (Large) Donar car 116rearsubframekit 118-1825_IMG 118-1831_IMG 1979 450SEL 1 20070816503 20070816511 23112007620 23112007623 23406b 23406c 23406d 23406g 23406k 23406m 23406n 23406r Detailed 24-09-07_2040 27112007684 27112007685 27112007687 27112007688 280S 280SE 1 280SE k 280SE k2 280SE_seat_Dec06 3 4 5-8 6.9 Speedo 79 emissions 79 emissions2 79 emissions3 79 emissions4 Afbeelding 001 Afbeelding 005 Afbeelding 006 Afbeelding 009 Afbeelding 014 Afbeelding 018 After Badge After market intrusion bars As received Badge removal Becker amplifier sitting in it's bracket Before repair Bottom of seat squab showing two fixing holes in leading edge Bracket placement Bracket Broken Check strap Car movers Chain Diagram ChainTool Closeup of new leather Coolant for a 6.9 Cruise Conrol Unit in position DSC00758 DSC00847 DSC00848 DSC00850 DSC00851 DSC00852 DSC00917 DSC00973 DSC04305 DSC04326 DSC04330 Data Plate Different Brands of spheres Door check strap Exhaust System Fixing brackets on rear firewall Flexdisc rear w116 450sel Arman Foto0126 Foto0127 Foto0140 Foto0142 Foto0160 Foto0438 Foto0456 Foto0457 Foto0458 Front Pillar - Bare Front Pillar Trim Pieces Front pillar Trim Pieces - Detail HPIM0739 HPIM0751 HPIM0757 HPIM0758 HPIM0770 HPIM0771 HPIM0775 HPIM0776 HPIM0777 HVLP Gun with added Regulator and gauge Halogen type extinguisher Headlights 001 Headlights 002 Headlights 003 Headlights 004 Headlights 005 Headlights 006 116.025's '77 280SE Before getting backed into... 116.025's '77 280SE After getting backed into... 116.025's '77 280SE Damage on RHS 116.025's '77 280SE Damage on LHS IMGP0024 IMGP0025 IMGP0025 IMGP0029 IMGP0030 IMGP0033 IMGP0035 IMGP0039 IMGP0040 IMGP0042 IMGP0043 IMGP0044 IMGP0045 IMGP0046 IMGP0065 IMGP0066 IMGP0067 IMGP0070 IMGP0083 IMGP0084 IMGP0089 IMGP0092 IMGP0094 IMGP0096 IMGP0098 IMGP0100 IMGP0102 IMGP0103 IMGP0105 IMGP0156 IMGP0164 IMGP0167 IMGP0278 IMGP0411 IMGP0672 IMGP0679 IMGP0722 IMGP0723 IMGP0865 IMGP0867 IMGP0868 IMGP0875 IMGP0877 IMGP0880 IMGP0881 IMGP0882 IMGP0883 IMGP1373 IMGP1375 IMGP1381 IMGP1383 IMGP1852 IMGP1854 IMGP1855 IMGP1902 IMGP3464 IMGP3469 IMGP3469 IMGP3472 IMGP3476 IMGP3476 IMGP3480 IMGP3483 IMGP3496 IMGP3497 IMGP3499 IMGP3500 IMGP3502 IMGP3510 IMGP3512 IMGP3522 IMGP3524 IMGP3529 IMGP3532 IMGP4258 (1) IMGP4260 IMGP4260 IMGP4261 IMGP4262 IMGP4263 IMGP4264 IMGP4266 IMGP4268 IMGP4273 IMGP4274 IMGP4277 IMGP4278 IMGP4281 IMGP4284 IMGP4285 IMGP4286 IMGP4286 IMGP4287 IMGP4287 IMGP4288 IMGP4289 IMGP4291 IMGP4293 IMGP4310 IMGP4312 IMGP4321 IMGP4322 IMGP4324 IMG_0032 IMG_0075 IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0885 (1296 x 972) IMG_0887 IMG_0889 IMG_3828.JPG IMG_4511 IMG_7468 (Large) IMG_7478 (Large) IMG_7712 Intrusion bar fixings Klann Spring Compressor L1010455 L1010457 Left 450 squab - right 6.9 reclining squab Left Normal 450, right reclining 6.9 Backrests Lesonal 2 Lesonal1 Lesonal3 M116 motor MB11_ MB1_ MB_INLETa Merc console 31st Dec 2006 003 Merc_exhaust_gravelotte_02 MexicoCircuit MexicoCircuit300dpi Mid bearing assy w116 450sel Arman Minolta-CF68 Minolta-CF71 Mirror removal 2 Mirror removal 3 Mirror removal 4 Mirror removal 5 Mirror removal1 Modified Bracket Mud-flaps_JRH926_1 My Shed Nearly ready for Paint New Battery New Conduit New Plug leads New Seat Covers New Seats mounted New leads LH Bank New seat squab on old fronts New seats ready to install New squab on old rear seat New trim pieces Nozzle of HVLP Gun Oh bugger! Oh bugger - again! Old Conduit Original UK fire extinguisher SL and SEL PICT0014 Photo-0016 Photo-0027 Photo_102806_001 Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 009.jpg Picture 010.jpg Picture 013.jpg Picture 1 Big Bore exhaust Plug lead bracket RH Bracket in position Rear Bumper mount holes Rear Bumper mountings Rear Plate Rear bumper mounting points Rear of seat back Rear seat full forward Rear seat vertical position Relays Repaired Quarter Section - wider View Roll 136 - 10 Roll 136 - 11 Roll 136 - 63 Roll 136 - 9 Roll 145 - 15 Roll 145 - 16 Roll 145 - 17 Rust in Roof frame Rusty Sunroof Frame Scan0044 Scan10049 Scan10050 Scan10051 Scan10052 Seat back bottom hinge bolted to runner Seat squab removed Selector Insert Selector Panel reverse Silver Goop Close-up Standard Steering Wheel Sunroof pieces T001-005 Tempomatrep Throttle connections US catalizer V8 Eng V8Eng R Vacuum Lines Detail Vacuum Lines View through AMG wheel YUCK 1 10 2 3 4 9 accordian almost%20done1 amgspeedo3 amp hanging on loom becker-wiring block + heada cb280sdyno chrome chromes classic centre irvine rsz classic centre irvine rsz1 closeup of new squab on 10 month old ML 500 seat condenser and rotor drag link dry sump hoses e1 e2 e3 ebay pictures no. 1 001 emissions eng fing flagstaff flexdisk front seal complete gearbox donor green wire happinessa huboff images inhibitor harness installed kiss_of_life low res 4 low res low res5 mbhistoric_w116coupe_1 merc_250k merc_333k merc_400k merc_interior_97 missing outer lip motor exh sidea motor fronta motor reara munted my6.9a my6.9b new one new switch newbrakes newzorst1 newzorst2 newzorst3 overview plate 280se plate pulley rotor '79 300SD fusebox diagram shield_plate stereo suspension overhaul2 tachosig tachosigi new black leather front seat transcase trim piece screwed to parcel shelf valvebody valvebodyinhalfs view through empty instrument binnacle wireholder
Engine Photos - 1977 280SE USA Repairs1 Arman's '74 450SEL TJ 450's Red 280SE A/C Problem sump guard Tools TJ 450's 6.9 project. A/C Compressor Prop. Shaft Rear Strut Investigation w126 garage Rear Screen Seal Intermediate Style Steering Wheel Misc Timing Chain Pics 10-7-2009 Rear Subframe/Final Drive Transmission Valve Body Engine removal and installation Clutch K2 Assembly Practice Valve Body Gear Assembly Paint Job Prep Other Windscreen Interior Steering Intermediate Arm Bushes Seat Springs, early. Not South African! Struts Transmission Mount Continuation of Paint Job Intake Manifold Doors and Windows Water Pump Replacement Chris M's AMG 6.9 Restoration Project Sunroof Cable and Tube Rear end Ryan's wheel projects Goodies bought from AutohausAZ holley TJ 450's Red 280SE Andy_photos seat brown mb tx South African 6.9 under consideration for purchase Rotisserie Finnie Hoist Start of Restoration Rusty Brown 6.9 Ken's pics Operation "Von Cammandant" TJ's 280S Project Rear Seat finding the ratio of your diff '77 280SE Aus Milan Brown Fog Machine Leak Detector Littlefin's 280se Shots of the Weird switch thing Neglected M100 found in a field near Pretoria 6.9 sill replacement James's 450SEL Repairs2 motec6.9 motec6.9 ptashek AMG Front spoiler install engine_out 1976 350se euro engine photos and diags Preasure Tester Timing After New Cam Chain Stereo throttle Cam Chain 350se ht leads MB_Mike Rust and Rot 117 Timing Chain Replacement Images fabric 6.9 cooling system upgrade szyki's 6.9 project parcel nets 6.9 sunroof problems Operating heater valve with a servo Door Lock Mechanism engine_out2 280SE Wreck Restoring 450SE Outside Temperature Gauge AMG engine tuneup Leatherique Restoration Stereo Install John6007 fuel filter change M110 water pump, thermostat and crank oil seal Tow Bar Owner's Manual:Euro D-Jetronic Adam's 1977 6.9 rubbers restoration2_001 goodwood2011 Parts Car nearlyfinished showoff Dash from the parts car - for sale Water Leak 79_300sd oscar's tacho and clock door mould  vacuum element removal speedobits BMW Solex manual AC manifold gauge, hoses and fittings vacuum advance alternator centre console Jacked Up rotor and cap cause of cabin leak grill badge Cable Oiler Mirrors wheels switch lighting front speaker holes suspension pump idle speed control screw assembly 280S 'REFURBISHING AND INTERIOR REPAINTING' miscellaneous knee pad clips floor mats refinishing zebrano trim Parks' Method of Refinishing Timber upholstery Height Adjustment Handle Replacement sphere strut reservoir sensors steering wheels Brakes BECKER Monza Ipod install beckers 450SEL 5.0ltr 6.9 suspension issues TJ 450's Perth Delivered 1979 450SEL. (now has new owner) Engines General Pics SLS Valve Rebuild New Cylinder Heads FD/WUR HVAC Unit Rust Repairs Cylinder Head Work Timing Chain Replacement Intake Refurbishment Tailshaft ultrasonic cleaning of plastic bits Cam's Prep Work Arman's 1974 450SEL solex to holley Air Cleaner Images Service and repair of gearbox contactor unit Mforcer's Restoration New interior leather and carpets Casey's Garage 6.9 brake system overhaul ac stuff Torana68 Mystery connector Samuli's 280SE 1976 Hat Shelf Felt M110 exhaust manifold troubles and solutions 280 SEL MAKEOVER Brake upgrade Craig B LPG 280 Power Steering W116 Vacuum Hoses 6.9 suspension repairs 1979 450 SEL for sale Wiring diagram W116.020 280S 1975 Keymar Warehouse 280S in Thailand PB 6.9 engine vacuum connections Tacho 101 Engine Work Brown ebay 6.9 123 Smart Mirror install Suspension pump repair VDO Vacuum Cruise Control Actuator Tools Becker Mexico External Input Bosch Flasher Fix Misc Roof gutter rubber Repairs3 Roger Servo work 6.9 steering box overhaul Electric window switch service Chain Replacement ckamila Interior Dash stuff Blower pics ACC engine compartment stuff Woodruff Key installation 450 12/1979 MercOrama Orifice Tube Conversion Coolant Level Sensor 547 Lorinser Body Kit